What of Our Salvation?

thWhat of Our Salvation?

“Be Perfect, therefore, just as your Heavenly Father is Perfect”

I am confident that at one time or another in each of our lives we have had a ‘situation’ that totally consumes our every thought. Something that is so worrisome that throughout the entire day – whether at work or play, with others or alone or even at a party or joyful gathering, our thoughts are on the problem or situation. We are preoccupied with it. Usually only to find out that it was not all that much to worry about when it is over.

Well, what about a more important ‘situation.’ Our Salvation! Do we ponder this every moment of every day, wondering whether our salvation is secure. Is this our first thought in the morning or last thought at night? Are our minds more tied up with vague, idle, earthly or worldly thoughts? We must judge for ourselves if we really have the business of our salvation more than any other at heart and what there is for us to hope or to fear in eternity.

What matter; what affair; what event is more important than our salvation? And, why is it, that this most important of matters is given little to no regard in our lives?   We do not sufficiently appreciate the importance of salvation.   We tend to live a false security of believing that there is still time. Someday, there simply will not be any ‘time to prepare.’ Jesus warns us many times in the Gospel [fool, this very night your life will be demanded of you!].

This is the point that Jesus makes at the very end of the Gospel Message today. We are called to perfection. No doubt we cannot attain that lofty goal, but Jesus’ point is that we must try – do our best.   The proverbs tell us to ‘be in fear of the Lord all the day long, because thou shall have hope in the end.” St. Aloysius tells us to be guided by this: “What is this [event, situation, worry] to Eternity?”  — i.e. What is more important than Eternity?

~ Deacon Paul

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