Jesus’ Counter-Cultural Message

king-of-kings-sermon-on-the-mount1Jesus’ Counter-Cultural Message

Today we can feel around us the criticism that comes from teaching a counter-cultural message.  Christ was first; he taught a countercultural message and it eventually got him crucified because the people simply didn’t want to hear it; much like today.

Compare what is taught today by the world to what Jesus taught.

World: Happy are you who are well-off, you can have whatever you want. Be glad and rejoice when the money pours in. Never stop to ask by what means or at whose expense.

Jesus: Happy are you who know your need of God; you who put your trust in God rather than material things. All that you need will be given to you.

World: Happy are you who are tough. You who throw your weight around, and are ruthless.  People will be afraid of you and you will get results.

Jesus: Happy are you who are gentle and kind. You who refuse to get along by trampling on others.

World: Happy are you who never ask if something is right, or speak if it would cause you inconvenience or loss, or criticism, or be called intolerant  or politically incorrect. 

Jesus: Blessed are you who have standards and values and make a stand for what is right and morally correct. If you suffer, your wounds will be honorable wounds, and they will make of you a true disciple. You will have much glory in Heaven.

In the Beatitudes we see the values by which a Christian should live. While they present a great challenge, they also offer great rewards both here and hereafter.  Strangely enough the values we live by sometimes have little to do with the values of the Gospel.

Christ helps us to live by his values, through the bible – his teachings, and the Sacraments.

~ Deacon Paul

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