News of Great Joy!

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News of Great Joy!

There is a tendency, at this time of year, for many to go on about the absence of Christ during the Christmas season.  Of course, it is important to draw this distinction so that we might, as our Church Youth Group Christmas Float theme emphasizes, “Keep Christ in Christmas.”  It is important to point out how commercial or pagan Christmas has become; but we shouldn’t forget that the first Christmas was somewhat less than ideal too.  Jesus came into a pagan world precisely because it was a pagan world.  Today it might be a good thing to go about our lives this Christmas reminding people that “Christ is in Christmas” — we have but to look and find him in the kindness of a friend, the generosity of our parishioners, the “Merry Christmas” of a stranger. 

‘Behold, I bring you news of great joy.  This day a savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord’ — the message given by the angels to the shepherds. Today, through the voice of the Church, this marvelous message is announced to us too. 

Let us open our minds and hearts to receive the ‘great joy.’

                   ~ Deacon Paul

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