Sunday Scripture Notes – The Word of the Lord is Good Enough for Me

Sunday Scripture Notes
The Word of the Lord is Good Enough for Me
John 12:44-50

For Peter, the word of Jesus was different from the word of anyone else. Had anyone but Jesus told Peter to ‘Launch out into the deep and let down the net for a catch’ Peter would have said, ‘are you mad? We couldn’t catch anything during prime fishing time and you want us to cast our nets during the heat of the day. My companions will make fun of me.’

But Peter responded because of his trust in the word of the Lord, whose word carried an authority which no other word carried. “Trust” is the key word here. Peter had absolute trust in Jesus. Later on his trust would lead Peter to walk on the water, though his fear let him down.

We might ask ourselves – of all of our friends, how many are there whose word we would trust absolutely? Many? Few? Most likely, few.

But Jesus sees beyond what we do. Just as he saw Peter who was an honorable man in an honorable profession — a fisherman, Jesus sees Peter as being capable of greater things. Why? Because Peter had in him great potential, great faith in Jesus; and, he was a humble man.

This Gospel passage is first and above all about “Trust.” Jesus tested Peter — how far was Peter prepared to trust Jesus. This trust led Peter to a new life, a new calling and a new direction — an important occupation calling him to dedicate his life to a ministry in service of others – bringing people to a similar faith in Jesus.

The Lord still calls people and the need is just as great today — maybe even more important today. Some are called to dedicate their entire lives to Jesus today, and many do, Priests, Religious, members of orders; but we are not all called to this life. By our Baptism we all are called to follow Christ in a special way. This call means to be a Christian where we are and in our chosen profession and in our other callings — as men and women working in the world; as mothers and fathers and grandparents and godparents. We are not all called to be Apostles; but we are all called to be disciples and to live and talk and act in our daily lives, showing that we have faith and trust in our one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

~ Deacon Paul

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